Will my Organizer make me throw it all out? Myth vs. Reality

Will my Organizer make me throw it all out? 

Myth vs. Reality of Hiring an Organizer

by Renee Staehle

Hiring a professional organizer is often a scary first step – particularly if you believe what you see on TV or read about in trendy magazines.  Let’s de-bunk a few myths of what might happen if you hire an organizer.

Myth #1: My Organizer will make me throw away things I want to keep.

Reality: A professional organizer realizes that many items have sentimental value.  Your professional organizer will help you find a way to keep or use these items so that they are not creating clutter in your life.  We are also trained to help clients manage the process of letting go.

Myth #2: My Organizer will expect me to get rid of clothes I haven’t worn in 12 months.

Reality: An organizer will help you evaluate your wardrobe and make the most of your closet, dresser and off-season storage space.  It is sometimes helpful to have a fresh set of eyes on your wardrobe.  We are honest, but not judgmental. So, if you’ve ever wondered if that green dress or grey suit really is a good fit (and you’re not sure your friends are telling you the truth), let us give you an assessment so that you can make your best decision.

Myth #3:  If I hire an organizer, I will be humiliated by what they see in my home.

Reality:  Organizers are hired to do a job – help you be more organized. We are not coming to your home to judge or criticize — we are coming to help.  We focus on the areas where you ask for and need help in order to move you to your desired state of organization.

Myth #4:  I will be embarrassed in front of my friends and neighbors when they learn that I have an organizer coming to my home.

Reality:  Members of the National Association of Professional Organizers adhere to a code of ethics which includes treating client relationships with utmost confidentiality.  We will not place a dumpster in your front yard with neon lights. We will be discrete about what we are doing.  And, at Perfect Balance, we do offer services for removing items to be donated or recycled as needed.  All your friends will know is that you will suddenly be inviting them in more often!

Myth #5:  I can’t afford all of the fancy organizing gadgets that my organizer will want me to buy.

Reality:  You may enjoy buying new storage tubs, shelves, or other nifty organizing “tools.”  However, buying new items isn’t always necessary and they don’t need to be expensive. Your organizer will work with you to determine the best items to buy and how to stay in your budget. Amazingly, most people already have much of what they need right in their own home or office.

Myth #6:  I won’t be able to find anything after my organizer leaves.

Reality:  Your organizer will work side by side with you, if you choose, to create places and systems for your belongings – whether it is food in the pantry, clothes in the closet, your kids’ toys, or files in the office.  An added bonus of working with a professional organizer is that we will create lists of where things are located as we work together.  And at Perfect Balance, one of our mottos is, “If you can’t find it, call us!”

Myth #7:  Once my organizer leaves, things will become disorganized again right away and it will have been a waste of time or money.

Reality:  We cannot promise that will never happen.  However, a professional organizer will help you to create systems that you can maintain on your own. One of the goals is for you to learn how to maintain order long after we are gone.  At Perfect Balance, we are glad to step back in for a quick “maintenance” appointment from time to time.  This is just one of the ways we go the extra mile for our clients.

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