Be Organized — Save Money!

How being more organized will save you money — Perfect Balance’s Top 5 List.

By Renee Staehle

We’ve all heard it said that being more organized will help save you money. Let’s look at the top five money saving reasons that being more organized will benefit you.

#1        Can’t find that bill to pay?  Late fees and bad credit are a key reason to have a more organized home office area. The savings is real and immediate when you can take care of your personal business on time.

#2        Lost your check book once again? Can’t find your favorite pair of gloves?  Sure you already have 60-watt light bulbs?  Replacing items that you know you have, but cannot find, becomes an expensive proposition.  Being organized will help you put your hands on your belongings so that you won’t have to buy duplicates.

#3        Can’t find those overdue library books?  Did you have to pay a late fee to register for a class?  How about a missed appointment for which you still had to pay?  Putting a system in place to help you stay on top of these items and time management chores will save you money and headache.

#4        Having an organized pantry and kitchen means you are more likely to cook, which means you are more likely to eat a healthy, low-cost meal instead of another trip though the drive-through or another carry-out pizza.

#5        The saying goes: “Time is Money” – and if this is true, then saving the time of looking for “lost” items, driving to the store to replace “misplaced” items, going on-line to reprint “missing” documents, and so on will save you time, save you headache, save you embarrassment, and ultimately, save you money.

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